UV Sevak 360

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on healthcare service providers particularly for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the infections. The hospital-acquired nosocomial infections can be acquired within the hospital environment, especially through the doctors hand tools and other medical utensils used in OPDs, OTs and Wards. In this regard, one potential problem of contaminated hospital utensils not only by SARS-CoV2 virus, but also other hospital borne infectious agents has attracted great attention of the researchers worldwide; as such contaminated tools may be responsible for mess infection of the population and healthcare professionals. The conventional sterilization methods may not be always feasible as these are time consuming and not suitable for equipment like IR thermometer, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, EGC electrodes, dental tools etc. The significance of UV sterilization in hospital set-ups got highlights in recent Covid-19 pandemic for effective and quick inactivation of viruses and other germs from hospital utensils and portable medical equipment. Furthermore, the same technology can be used at home, hotel sector, saloons and parlours as a safety measure.

Therefore, Directorate of Research, Krishna Institute of medical Science “Deemed to be University”, Karad and Department of Instrumentation and Control, College of Engineering, Pune under the collaboration innovation practices has come out with a UV sterilizer device. The novelty feature of present innovation device is amalgamation of ultraviolet light and nanomaterial coating to completely sterilize the medico utensils and tools used by other stake holder of the society. The present device has certified by various laboratories to validate the optimised exposure time ranging from30seconds to 5 minutes for particular objects to be sterilised.

The device shall be made available in the market with a brand name as UV-SEVAK 360° by NBE Tech, Pune. The UV-SEVAK 360° will be available in different capacity of 30, 40 and 60 litres to be used in healthcare and other domestic sectors for sterilizing the hand tools and personnel belongings contaminated by germs like virus, bacteria and fungus.

Hon’ble Dr Suresh Bhosale, Chairman and Chancellor of KIMSDU is a visionary resourceful person under whom present research product promoted and made available to the society in reasonable cost.

A tire some efforts in research and development of UV-SEVAK 360° was taken by Dr D.K Agarwal, Add Director Research, KIMSDU, Dr Jayant Pawar, Research Associate, Directorate of Research, KIMSDU and Dr D.N Sonawane, HoD and Associate Professor, Department of Instrumentation and Control, COEP, Pune to develop the UV-SEVAK 360° device under the guidance of Hon’ble Dr B.B Ahuja, Director, College of Engineering, Pune, which resulted into the transfer of technology to NBE Tech, Pune.