“Meri Maati Mera Desh Campaign”

Background of the campaign:

As a part of the activities involved in the grand celebration of our Nation’s 75 years of independence through the “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”, the Ministry of Education had culminated the campaign “Meri Maati Mera Desh” in August, 2023. This aimed to pay tribute to our beloved ‘Motherland’ and the courageous ‘Veers’ who have made the supreme sacrifice for our nation. To ensure the success of the “Meri Maati Mera Desh” campaign, Krishna Institute of Allied Sciences, KVVDU, Karad actively participated in raising the awareness among the students through various activities like Panch Pran (the pledge), Tree plantation, singing the mitti anthem, educating the audience about the unsung freedom fighters and mud artisanry competition.

Schedule of the programmes:

1) Programme planned- Panch Pran on 9th August, 2023:

The campaign was commenced by a spiritual event called "Panch Pran," on 9th August at 10.00 a.m. 51 participants were present at the pledge taking ceremony where everyone had vowed with the ‘mitti’ in their hands at the memorial of Hon’ble Founder Late Jaywantraoji Bhosale in KVV(DU) premises. This event aimed to promote a sense of inner peace, unity, and mindfulness among participants. It involved meditation and reflection, encouraging individuals to connect with their inner selves and with the nation's values (photograph 1,2).

2) Programme planned- “Vasudha Vandhan” Tree Plantation on 10th August, 2023:

On 10th August at 10 a.m., “Vasudha Vandhan”, a tree plantation event was organized at Agashiv hills involving 48 volunteers (Dean, students, research scholars, teaching and nonteaching staff). The campaign's emphasis on environmental consciousness was reflected in this event, as 25 plant saplings were planted to contribute to the greening of the area. Programme started with introduction by the Dean, Dr. G. R. Pathade and then digging the pits, the participants had actively planted and watered the saplings. This activity also symbolized the growth and development of the nation, drawing parallels between the growth of trees and the progress of the country (Photograph 3- 9). Everyone enjoyed the activity by singing the ‘Desh Bhakti’ songs.

3) Programme planned- “Veeron Ka Vandan”, Mitti Anthem on 14th August, 2023:

During the campaign, a series of patriotic videos were disseminated to educate the students and the staff in lecture Hall No. 1, KIAS at 12.00 p.m. about the lesser-known freedom

fighters who played crucial roles in India's struggle for independence. These videos highlighted their stories, sacrifices, and contributions to the nation's freedom movement. These videos were shared through various social media platforms and educational institutions, effectively reaching a wide audience. As part of the campaign, participants came together to sing the "Mitti Anthem," a song dedicated to the love and reverence for the motherland. This anthem aimed to evoke a sense of patriotism and pride among the citizens, reminding them of the importance of unity and love for the country (Photograph No. 10, 11). Some of the participants spoke on the life of freedom fighters.

4) Programme planned- Mud Artisanry and Poster Competition on 14th August, 2023:

A key event of the campaign was the mud artisanry competition held on 14th August, 2023 at the library of KIAS at 2.00 p. m. These competitions aimed to showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of participants while promoting the use of traditional and eco-friendly materials. Participants crafted various items using mud as the primary medium, highlighting the significance of sustainable art and honouring the traditions of the land. There were 8 participants out of which 3 winners were selected as follows:

1st Prize- Ms. Pooja Madhukar Sonawale

2nd Prize- Ms. Prerna Prakash Babar

3rd Prize- Ms. Nayan Vinod Pawar

The theme for the poster competition was “75 years of Independence”. A total of 6 participants took part in the competition and the winners were as follows:

1st Prize- Ms. Diksha Sarjerao Lale and

Ms. Kalyani Rajaram Thorat

2nd Prize- Ms. Pooja Sanjay Patil and

Ms. Anushka Singh

3rd Prize- Ms. Prerna Prakash Babar and

Ms. Sanika Vijay Thorat

Thus, the aim of the “Meri Maati Mera Desh” Campaign was successfully celebrated in KIAS, KVV(DU), Karad.

Active involvement of the students
Active participants
Digging the pits for plantation by the students
Exploring the Paths of Agashiv Hills
Happy faces after successful plantation of all the saplings
Mud Artisanries by the active students
Our Dean elucidating about the campaign and tree plantation programme
Panch Pran pledge
Planting the sapling
Primary salutation to Memoriam of Hon’ble Founder Shri. Jaywantraoji Bhosale
Singing the ‘Mitti Anthem’
The Dean interacting with the participants
The poster competition on patriotism
Videos displayed on unsung warriors
Watering the planted saplings