Health Check Up Camp at Koyna Education Society, Patan

Health Check up camp organized at the Koyana Education Society at Balasaheb Desai College in Patan on April 20, 2024, aimed to provide health check-ups for faculty and their family members. Led by Dr. Vaishali Mohite, Dr. Manisha Laddad, Dr. Aparna Patange, from the Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Karad, the camp covered various health issues.

The event commenced with a warm welcome to the Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth team by Honorable Amarsinh Ranjeetsinh Patankar, General Secretary of Koyana Education Society.

Dr. Aparna Patange discussed major diseases like hypertension, heart attack, and stroke, emphasizing their causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Dr. Manisha Laddad focused on gynecological problems, particularly cervical cancer, elucidating its causes, symptoms, and preventive measures.

Dr. Vaishali Mohite shed light on breast cancer, stressing its causes, symptoms, early detection through self-examination, and the importance thereof. The speeches received a positive response from the audience.

The camp saw a total registration of 276 individuals, with 95 females and 181 males undergoing health check-ups. Breast screenings with IBES devices were conducted for females above 30 years old, with 35 individuals screened, 32 of whom had normal findings, while 3 had abnormal findings.