Guest Lecture on "Idea Generation for Impactful Research in Regulatory Affairs"

On August 29, 2023, Krishna Institute of Pharmacy, Karad, organized an enlightening online guest lecture on the topic of "Idea Generation for Impactful Research in Regulatory Affairs." The lecture was delivered by Dr. Shrinivas S. Savale, the CEO of AIC-LMCP Foundation at L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad. The audience consisted of M.Pharm. students and postgraduate faculty members. Dr. J. A. Sawale, a Professor in the Department of Pharmacognosy, warmly welcomed Dr. Savale and moderated the session.

Key Points Covered:

During the lecture, Dr. Savale addressed several essential points related to regulatory affairs and research in the pharmaceutical industry. The following key points were discussed:

  1. Drug Life Cycle:
  2. Technology Readiness Levels (TRL1-TRL9)
  3. Gap Identification in Regulatory Pathways
  4. Medical Device Classification
  5. Medicine Reminder Device

Following the lecture, a vibrant question and answer session took place, allowing students and faculty members to seek clarification on various aspects of regulatory affairs and research. Dr. Savale's comprehensive responses enriched the discussion and provided valuable insights to the participants.

The session concluded with Dr. J. A. Sawale expressing gratitude on behalf of the institution to Dr. Shrinivas S. Savale for his enlightening lecture and the valuable knowledge he shared. This vote of thanks recognized the importance of such educational initiatives in fostering academic growth and industry insights.

The guest lecture on "Idea Generation for Impactful Research in Regulatory Affairs" by Dr. Shrinivas S. Savale was a resounding success. It provided M.Pharm. students and postgraduate faculty members with a deeper understanding of regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry and inspired them with innovative research ideas. The event showcased the commitment of Krishna Institute of Pharmacy, Karad, to fostering knowledge exchange and academic excellence. Such initiatives play a pivotal role in preparing future pharmaceutical professionals for the challenges and opportunities in the field of regulatory affairs. This lecture was conducted online and was coordinated by Associate Professor Dr. V. S. Ghorpade under the valuable guidance of Dean Dr. N.R.Jadhav