Celebration of“NUTRITIONAL WEEK” 2023

On Sep 1st, in observance of Nutritional Week, “NUTRITIONAL QUEST SCAVENGER HUNT” was commemorated, and to honor this KVV's, Krishna Institute of Pharmacy sponsored a number of competitions to mark Nutritional Week in 2023. KIP has actively participated in it as one of KVV's students under the guidance of Dr. N. R. Jadhav, Dean which is organized by Mrs. Pratiksha Jadhav.

About Nutritional Week: Nutrition Week is a global healthcare event focused on nutrition and promoting awareness and education about nutrition, healthy eating habits, and overall well-being. It is typically organized by various health organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, and community groups in the month of September. In India, it is observed for the first week of September every year since 1982.

The theme of nutrition week in India is “SUPOSHIT BHARAT, SAKSHAR BHARAT, SASHAKT BHARAT”.

List of activities conducted during Nutritional Week:

  1. Plant station – 01/09/2023
  2. Cooking competition (Millet base) – 02/09/2023
  3. Healthy meal selfie contest – 03/09/2023
  4. Smoothie-making contest – 04/09/2023
  5. Farmers market and portion control online quiz – 05/09/2023 and 06/09/2023
  6. No animal protein day – 07/09/2023

Dean, Dr. NamdeoR. Jadhav appreciated the participants.

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