Breast Cancer Awareness Camp for anganwadi workers of Karad Taluka was organized by Inner Wheel Club of Karad Sangam & Panchayat Samiti Karad in collaboration with Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth Karad

Event Details:

Date: August 25, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Siddhartha Mangal Karyalaya, Karad

Event Highlights:

The program began with the felicitation of Hon. Dr. Suresh Bhosale, Chancellor, KVV Karad, by Shri. Balasaheb Mohire, Member of Rotary Club Karad.

Dr. Vaishali R. Mohite, Dean KINS, was felicitated by Inner Wheel Club Secretary Mrs. Chaya Pawar.

Dr. Suresh Bhosale emphasized the importance of breast cancer awareness and early detection in his speech.

Dr. Vaishali R. Mohite delivered a speech on breast cancer awareness and presented a video and PPT on breast self-examination and the signs and symptoms of breast cancer for early detection.

A total of 700 Anganwadi workers actively participated in the camp. Out of them, 474 women registered for CBE. 42 women underwent iBE screening.

41 women had normal findings, but one irregularity was detected. iBE screening was conducted by Dr. Mrs. Vaishali Mohite, Dean KINS, Mrs. Sunita Shirole, and Mrs. Ujwala Mane.

This event was a significant success in raising awareness about breast cancer, promoting early detection, and providing valuable information to Anganwadi workers.

Followed by all 700 Anganwadi workers screening with iBE ongoing and also we are transferring skills on self-breast examination. Screening for cardiovascular health was also carried out.