Orientation Programme for Oncology & Neurology Nursing Students

Date: July 18, 2023

Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Venue: KINS, Karad.


  • Familiarize students with KINS infrastructure.
  • Introduce the well-designed curriculum.
  • Provide learning experiences related to the clinical care of Oncology patients.
  • Foster a sense of connectedness within the campus.

The Orientation Programme for Oncology & Neurology Nursing Students was held on 18th July at KINS. The ceremony commenced with a traditional 'Aarti' to welcome the students. Dr. (Mrs.) Vaishali Rajsinh Mohite, Dean, KINS, Karad, personally greeted the students, highlighting the significance of such an event in integrating new students into professional settings, especially within an Indian context.

Mrs. Sangeeta S. Patil, Course coordinator at KINS, enlightened the students about the syllabus for oncology nursing. On the other hand, Rohini Katti, the Course coordinator explains well about Neurology Nursing. Both explained well about course duration, institutional policies and procedures, the examination system, evaluation methods, and the specific procedures and written assignments related to Oncology and Neurology Nursing.

A comprehensive campus tour followed, where the students visited various academic units and high-fidelity simulation labs, including the fundamental lab, nutrition lab, community lab, pediatric/OBG lab, A.V. aid room, and computer room. The orientation further expanded to introduce students to the mentorship program. Furthermore, insights into the facilities at the hospital, hostel, library, cafeteria, university building, and all other associated college structures were provided.

The clinical orientation was facilitated by Mrs. Sunita Jadhav, Incharge OT KH & MRC, Karad and Rohini Katti, and showed various departments such as radiation oncology, radiology, palliative care unit, medical oncology unit, surgical oncology unit, operation theatre, and the Neuro ICU. The emphasis was on professional development, aiming to enhance competency levels and enable students to function independently in their educational journey. Dr. Mrs. Vaishali R. Mohite, Dean, KINS, framed the curriculum, and evaluation methods for both the training programme. DR.Tukaram Zagade, DR.Prakash Naregal &Mr.Shreyash Walvekar Ph.D. nursing Scholar will implement the curriculum. students expressed their gratitude and satisfaction.

This programme sets a strong foundation, ensuring that every student is well-equipped and confident as they embark on their educational journey at KINS.