Shri. Jaywantrao Bhosale was born in the small village of Rethare BK in Satara district on 22nd Dec. 1924. He studied at Kolhapur and Pune acquiring the degrees of BA & LLB. He was elected as the Chairman of one of the first co-operative sugar factories in India in 1959. In the next 30 years as Chairman of one of the largest and richest co-operative sugar factory in India he gave new direction and leadership to the industry which underwent transformation from merely an industry to an instrument of social change. It was during his tenure that besides sugar, alcohol, acetone, paper started being manufactured from sugarcane. He served as President of the Deccan Sugar Technologists Association, Chairman of the Maharashtra Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories (1967-69), member of the Finance Committee of Government of India and member of the State Legislative Council.

His foray into education started with the establishment of Shetkari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (Society for Promotion of Education in Farmers) in 1964. The Society runs many schools and colleges in the rural area and these institutions were among the first to encourage and promote education for girls in villages. In 1974 he established the Krishna Charitable Trust. In 1982 the Krishna Hospital was started with 200 beds and in 1984 he succeeded in persuading the Government of Maharashtra and the then Chief Minister Shri. Vasantrao Dada Patil to allow private participation in medical schools and engineering colleges. The Late Chief Minister was a member of the Board of Trustees and a guiding force.

Hon'ble Late Shri. Jayawantraoji Bhosale
Hon'ble Late
Shri. Jayawantraoji Bhosale
Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Entry Gate
Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth - University Building
Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth

The Medical College has now grown into a large organization with 1125 bedded modern hospital and facilities for critical care, joint replacements, lithotripsy, endoscopic surgeries, dialysis etc.

In the year 2005 the KIMS was declared as “Deemed University” by the MHRD of Govt. of India and new constituent faculties have been added viz. Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Nursing Sciences, Mircrobiology & Biotechnology and Pharmacy.