KVV’S, Krishna Institute of Pharmacy, Karad Organised Best Out Of Waste Competition on the occasion of National Technology Day

On May 11th, National Technology Day was commemorated, and to honour this KVV's, Krishna Institute of Pharmacy organized a “Best out of waste” competition. KIP has actively participated in it as one of KVV's students under the guidance of Dr. Amol S. Shete, Dean [I/C].

About National Technology Day: In India, National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11th each year. It marks the successful nuclear tests conducted by India in 1998 under the codename "Operation Shakti." These tests involved detonating three nuclear devices at the Indian Army's Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan. The tests demonstrated India's scientific and technological capabilities in the field of nuclear weapons. The significance of National Technology Day in India goes beyond nuclear tests. It serves as a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the achievements of Indian scientists, engineers, and technologists across various domains. It celebrates their contributions to the country's advancement of science, technology, and innovation.

A "Best out of Waste" competition is an event that brings individuals or teams together to showcase their creativity and innovation by transforming waste materials into useful, attractive, or artistic creations. These competitions provide a platform for participants to demonstrate their skills, imagination, and resourcefulness in repurposing discarded items.Total4 groups and 5 individual students participated in the competition.

Best out of Waste