Workshop on Lexicomp Product

A workshop on Lexicomp Product Demonstration was organized for Faculty of Krishna Institute of Pharmacy Karad under the guidance of Dr. Amol S. Shete , Dean , Krishna Institute of Pharmacy, Karad The welcome note and introduction of the speaker was given by Ms. Monali M. Shewale, Assistant Professor, KVV, KIP Karad. Dean I/C Dr. Amol Shete welcomed Mr. Ihtimam Hossian sir and Mr. Dhaval Mehta Sir. He explained the importance of Lexicomp such as medication information, drug interaction screenings, adverse reaction, etc. he gave the demo of Lexicomp in a stepwise manner.

Concluding remarks and a Vote of thanks were given by Ms. Monali M. Shewale She expressed sincere thanks to Mr. IhtimamHossiansir and Mr. Dhaval Mehta sir for guiding and sharing valuable information on Lexicomp product development. She also thanked Dean Dr.Amol S Shete sir for the guidance and support. This workshop was coordinated by Asst. Professor, Mrs. Monali Shewale

Workshop 1