KVV's, Krishna Institute of Pharmacy Organised "A Faculty Development Programme on CO-PO Mapping"

A Faculty Development Programme on CO-PO Mapping was organized for teachers of Krishna Institute of Pharmacy Karad under the guidance of Dr. N. R. Jadhav, Dean, Krishna Institute of Pharmacy, Karad on Saturday, 16/9/2023.It was delivered by Prof. Vinay Choudhari, HOD, Mechanical Engineering (Diploma), RIT, Islampur.

The welcome note and introduction of the speaker was given by Dr. Anuradha N. Chivate, Assistant Professor, KVV, KIP Karad. Dean Dr N. R. Jadhav welcomed Mr. Vinay Choudhariby offering a bouquet. Dr N. R. Jadhav gave a brief introduction of the programme. He explained the importance of CO-PO mapping in the context of accreditation and quality assurance in higher education.

Key points covered by Prof. Vinay Choudhari -

  1. Importance of framing COs and mapping POs.
  2. Introduction to various tools available for CO-PO mapping.
  3. Definition and significance of attainment in the context of CO-PO.
  4. Methods to measure attainment, such as direct and indirect assessment.
  5. Case studies showcasing real-life examples of CO-PO attainment calculations.

Concluding remarks and Vote of thanks were given by Dr. Anuradha N. Chivate. She expressed sincere thanks to Mr. Vinay Choudhari for guiding and sharing the valuable information about CO-PO Mapping. She also thanked Dean Dr N. R. Jadhav sir for the guidance and support.

Welcome of Guest speaker by Dean sir During lecture Faculties attending FDP Felicitation of Prof. V.B. Choudhari by dean sir after completion of FDP After completion of FDP