Head of Department :
Dr. Satish. R. Patil
Professor & Head.

About Department Of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology was established in 1985 with

Dr. M.T Paithankar as the Head of the Department. Since then it is headed by,

  1. Dr.Mrs.S.A.Kulkarni
  2. Dr.S.T.Mohite
  3. Dr Mrs G S Karande
  4. Dr S R Patil(till date)

❖ The teaching faculty is engaged not only in teaching, but also in diagnostic work.

❖ The courses offered by the department include U.G, P.G and Ph.D programme.

❖ The faculty members have been updating themselves by undergoing various courses & hands on skills, programmes, which helps them to run with the present microbiological scenario world wide.


To commit to effective utilization of resources and continuous improvement in the provision of an infection free atmosphere for the well being of patients and healthcare workers.


To ensure latest diagnostic modalities of investigations in the field of Microbiology.

  • To formulate policies and protocols on the methods of sterilization and disinfection.
  • To incorporate quality improved principles in the effective infection control for the
  • benefit of patients and healthcare workers.
  • To implement an effective antibiotic policy to control the spread of antibiotic resistance.
  • To create awareness among healthcare workers regarding biomedical waste management.
  • To give the society competent clinical microbiologists with thorough and updated knowledge in the field of Microbiology.


To achieve excellence in diagnostics, teaching and research with the

ultimate goal of providing quality in health care.

Important Infrastructure

I. Laboratories

❖ Under graduate

❖ Post graduate

❖ Research

❖ Molecular Biology

❖ KIMS Diagnostic

❖A well equipped Microbiology laboratory having seven sections available for the


❖ The department carries out the diagnostic needs of Krishna hospital. The diagnostic

capability of the department is at par with the highest standards.

❖ Central collection room

❖ Cleaning and disposable room equipped with autoclave

II. Demonstration rooms – 02

III. Museum- Resources-57 charts, 20 specimens & 17 models with 1 master chart and

15 catalogue. Sitting capacity -30 students

IV. Library

Teaching Learning Method

❖ Didactic lectures.

❖ Self Directed Learning (SDL).

❖ Small Group Teaching (SGT).

❖ Integrated teaching- Correlation, Nesting, sharing

❖ Students’ seminars.

❖ Tutorials/Assignments.

❖ Academic / Scientific activities such as webinars, CMEs, workshops & conferences are

conducted by the department regularly.

❖ Journal club for PG students


Dr. S. R. Patil

Dr. Satish. R. Patil

Professor & Head.

Tel (Office) – 02164-241555/6/7

Dr.S.R.Patil : MBBS MD, PhD Medical Microbiology 30 Years of teaching experience, university recognised UG & PG teacher, Examiner & guide for MD, M.Sc, PhD Director IQAC KVV Executive Council of IAMM (2013-2015) Elected as Joint Secretary of IAMM from 2015 to 2018 Elected as Secretary of IAMM from 2018 Elected as Secretary of Maharashtra State of IAMM from 2018-19 More than 55 publications in National & International indexed journals.


Dr. S. T. Mahite

Dr. S.T. Mohite



Dr. G. S. Karande

Dr. Mrs. G.S. Karande



Dr. R. V. Shinde

Dr. R.V. Shinde


Associate Professor

Dr. Satyajeet Pawar

Dr. S. K. Pawar


Associate Professor

Dr. Harsha Patil

Dr. Mrs. H. V. Patil


Associate Professor

Dr. Priyanka Mane

Dr. Mrs. P. M. Mane


Assistant Professor

Dr. Sarika Sikchi - Copy

Dr. Mrs. S.R. Sikchi


Senior Resident

Dr. M. S. Laddad

Dr. M. S. Laddad



Dr. Mrs  A. M. Patil

Dr. Mrs A .M. Patil



Patil Ajitkumar S.

Dr. A. S. Patil



Dr. Shinde T.N.

Dr. T. N. Shinde




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Events, Webinar, Workshop, Conference

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