Head of Department :
Dr. Girish Suragimath
Prof & Head

About Department Of Periodontology

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with specific study of structure and function of periodontium in both health and disease.


Department of Periodontology aspires, to be a globally recognized Department with a state of art equipment, leading edge in advanced research, integrated scientific learning and a forerunner in oral health care provider.


To provide comprehensive periodontal care with rigorous quality assurance and patient satisfaction

  1. To engage in clinically oriented research and scholarly activity, creating a rich environment for evidence-based education and environment care
  2. To educate and train graduate and postgraduate students in didactic and clinical applications with the lifelong learning experience in dental health care delivery
  3. To create an atmosphere that is suitable for patients and students
  4. To outreach the patients of the most remote area through various community based programs.


The student shall acquire the skill to perform dental scaling, diagnostic tests of periodontal diseases; to use the instruments for periodontal therapy and maintenance of the same.

  1. The student shall develop attitude to impart the preventive measures namely, the prevention of periodontal diseases and prevention of the progress of the disease.
  2. The student shall also develop an attitude to perform the treatment with full aseptic precautions; shall develop an attitude to prevent iatrogenic diseases; to conserve the tooth to the maximum possible time by maintaining periodontal health and to refer the patients who require specialist’s care.

Important Infrastructure

  1. State of art nonsurgical and periodontal surgical instruments and equipment
  2. Soft tissue diode laser
  3. Electro-cautery
  4. Iontophoresis
  5. Microsurgery instruments
  6. Magnification loupes
  7. PRF machine
  8. Dental Implant kits
  9. Local drug delivery systems
  10. Advanced periodontal regenerative materials

Teaching Learning Method

  1. Problem based Learning
  2. I-CARE
  4. Peer Teaching
  5. Inter-disciplinary seminars
  6. Small group teaching
  7. Quiz
  8. Open book tests
  9. Project based learning
  10. Flipped Classroom



Dr. Girish Suragimath

Prof & Head

Tel (Office) – 02164-241555/6/7

Dr. Girish Suragimath is Professor and Head, Department of Periodontology, School of Dental sciences, Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth (KVV), Karad, Maharashtra, India. He completed his BDS in 1994 and MDS (Periodontology) in 1999 from KLE Vishwanath Katti Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum, Karnataka. He has been an active teacher since 1999 and teaches both undergraduate and post graduate students in Periodontology. He is a PhD guide at KVV and has students pursuing PhD under him. He has four design patents and 36 copyrights to his credit. He has more than 120 research publications in national and international journals, two book chapters and five books to his credit. He has a particular interest in research and has been conducting many research projects at his institution and has guided a lot of students in conducting research projects and develops research aptitude to improve the overall understanding of the subject. He believes in achieving all round development of students. Hence, apart from all these academic achievements, he also loves running and has keen interest in participating in marathons. He also encourages his students to actively participate in Sports and Cultural Programs held at the university.



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