Krishna Institute Of Medical Sciences Deemed University
Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade (CGPA:3.20 on 4 Point Scale)
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NIRF Rankings 2020 - University Ranking 90 , Medical College Ranking 37
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NIRF Rankings 2020 - University Ranking 90 , Medical College Ranking 37

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The emergency Services today has --- fully equipped beds to handle any emergency 24*7. Central oxygen, monitoring of vital statistics, suction and resuscitative measures for the pivot of services provided. Patients coming in with serious ailments are administered immediate medical care and then moved an attached ICU where by a team of doctors and nursing staff work towards stabilizing the patient. Once stable they are moved to specialized ICUs or inpatient wards as per the requirements. Patients with minor concerns are provided with preliminary treatment and discharged after chalking out a follow-up schedule.


Critical care has now matured as a specialty service. Traditional intensive care along the branches of medicine, surgery, pediatric etc are slowly transforming into a more integrated pattern with advancing knowledge, procedures, equipment and newer methods of treatment. However the extension of intensive care to further specialization in coronary care (CCU), Respiratory cares (RICU), Neonatal care (NICU), burns etc. will continue and further expand to deal with any emergency.
Intensive Care Units have advanced equipments, professionals with special skills and follow standardized protocols resulting very clearly in improved clinical outcomes.
Krishna Hospital has a number of specialty ICUs like Medical (MICU), Surgical (SICU), Coronary Care (CCU), Pediatric (PICU), Neonatal (NICU), Respiratory (RICU), Maternal (GICU), and Casualty ICU. To further improve on the facilities and patient care Krishna Hospital has moved to a new structure by introducing a step-down ICU between the ICU and a ward which helps monitor patients moving out of the ICU at a better level.


Radio diagnosis is a medical specialty that employs the use of imaging to diagnose diseases visualized within the human body. It opens up a window into the human body which helps understand and cure a number of different ailments. Radio diagnosis has entered a new era of imaging which redefines the very way we visualize, perceive and interpret our body structures and organs using unbelievable techniques and technology. Krishna Hospital uses an array of different imaging techniques at its Radio Diagnosis center such as X-ray radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) etc. for diagnosis. Various facilities available at Krishna Hospital include conventional as well as portable x-ray machines, C-Arm Ultra-sonography (USG), Color Doppler, Spiral Computerized Tomography (spiral CT), 1.5 tesla MRI Scan and Mammography. This facility plays a very important role and is managed by a team rich in experience as well as expertise.


The Blood Bank of Krishna Hospital, Karad started functioning in 1984 as a part of Pathology department and from 1995 it has become an independent department with separate qualified staff. Blood Bank Krishna Hospital has FDA approved lay out plan. Our blood bank has an area of 200.87 sq. meters. The area is distributed in three main sections, donor complex, laboratory area and component area.
The area of each section complies with the rule of Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940; rules 1945. Under the scheme of modernization of blood banks, the Blood Bank was completely renovated in 2003 and blood components preparation was started in 2005. Now it is a full-fledged component blood bank. Blood bank has got status of Regional Blood Transfusion Center in 2008.
Krishna Hospital Blood Bank is recognized by Quality Council of India under National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) in June 2014. The Blood Bank has successfully completed reaccreditation audit & got renewal for the period from 2017 to 2020.
Krishna Hospital Blood Bank is identified by Govt. of Maharashtra as training centre for blood bank officers & Technologists. It is working on a nonprofit basis under Krishna charitable trust. It is the most well equipped and developed blood bank in the area. The major fields of activity include arrangement of voluntary blood donation camps, awareness lectures regarding blood donation.
36 Thalassemia patients are registered with us and they are provided blood and blood components free of cost whenever required. Also patients of haemophilia and other blood dyscresia receive blood and blood components free of cost

Operation Theater:

Medical science has come a long way from where an operation theater was just that, an amphitheater where students and other spectators could watch surgeons perform surgery. Equipped with 12 major and 4 minor operation theaters, Krishna Hospital is equipped to handle any kind of surgery. Handling 35 surgeries on a daily basis on an average is a team of veteran surgeons and staff. The operating rooms are spacious, well-lit, easy to clean with overhead surgical lights and equipments to monitor the patient statistics. The operation theater is provided with electricity back up in case of power failures, auto claves for sterilization of uniforms and equipments, dedicated scrubbing areas, preparation room and recovery rooms. The operation theater is centrally located in the hospital yet separated from other wards and departments to ensure only authorized person has an access to it. A specialized endoscopy and septic operation theater is also available at Krishna Hospital. The new operating room in the Cathlab is a contemporary modular operation theater with centralized air-conditioning.