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Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Administration and Management (Course Information)

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Diploma Orthopedics (D'Ortho.)

1. Basic Sciences related to Locornotor System
a. Histology of bone, cartilage, muscles, collagen, Nerves.
b. Physiology of bone, cartilage, muscles, collagen and Nerves
2. Surgical Pathology related to Bones, cartilage, Muscle, collagen and Nerves in various. Congenital affection, infections, Tuirnours and turnourous condition, metabolic affection.
3. General principles of surgery and Traurratology
a. Wound healing.
b. Fracture healing.
c. Rehabilitation after bone and joint injury.
d. Systemic response to injury.
e. Fracture and dislocation in all bones its management including complications. f. Injury to chest, abdomen and head.
g. Ploytrauma.
h. Fractures in children
4. Orthopaedics diseases
a. Metabolic Bone Disease
b. Bone infections – Acute and chronic
c. Congenital and development Deformities - upper extremity
- Lower extremity
- Spine
- General defects
d. Disease of joints
e. Tumours of Bones