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Diploma Medical Radio-diagnosis

1. Syllabus of DMRD & MD (Radiodiagnosis) has been elaborated in succeeding pages with appear outwardly to be same.
2. However both differ in the depth of study. MD involves in depth study of pathological changes over the anatomical and physiological status of body and the pathology of disease influencing the images in radiography as well as in imaging like Ultrasound, CT, MRI and DSA which is to be studied thoroughly so that any variation in presentation be it clinical or imaging can be understood. Due to lack of time no such scope exists in DMRD (MD – 3Yrs, DMRD – 2 Yrs.)
3. Scope of in depth study of newer imaging like CT, MRI, DSA, Mammography so far as technology and interpretation exist only in MD.
4. Provision for training to do research and putting across the ideas as original article in journals is given through dissertation writing only in MD.
5. Medical Education, Research and Clinical Radiology is thoroughly engraved through training programme in MD only.